No Duh

No Duh

Fri 10/13/17

8:00 pm


This event is all ages

No Duh
No Duh
We are huge No Doubt fans. We honor them by performing their music & their show, live in the USA, Canada, Caribbean, Central America & beyond! Most of our concerts are in Southern California, because that's where we are based, but we perform all over the world. No Duh has done over 500 high quality shows. No other ND tribute has the reputation & fan base of No Duh's. There is no substitute.
No Duh, tribute to No Doubt & Gwen Stefani, performs all eras of No Doubt music. Our favorite is their "old school" ala Beacon St & Tragic Kingdom, but we play all the way thru Gwen's solo music & to Push & Shove
We do this because we love their music & enjoy playing for ND fans everywhereInterests: No Doubt tribute band, NO DUH!
You can't have GWEN STEFANI? You can't have NO DOUBT? But you can have NO DUH, the ultimate substitute...& considerabley less expensive! NO DUH is here to save the day!!!

NO DUH mixes the experience & energy of a live NO DOUBT concert with nostalgic visuals, stylings & props of the NO DOUBT & GWEN STEFANI videos. Close your eyes or keep them open, you will feel like you are hearing & seeing the real thing. All tributes "say" this, No Duh absolutely means it! It's a good time for all and the craziest tribute to No Doubt & Gwen!

GWEN STEFANI says... "They're amazing!" ADRIAN YOUNG says... "NO DUH rules!" The fans say... "It was like being at a NO DOUBT concert...NO DUH totally fulfills the NO DOUBT void in our lives!!" The critics say... "They live up to their mentors." No Duh is proud to be the ONLY tribute listed on No Doubt's Official website. Check it out

Finally, a tribute band you actually want to see... a group where most of the audience might even be under forty! But, "excuse me mister", there are a lot of "ex-girlfriends" in the crowd... and let's not forget "the bad boys!"
"Hey baby"... girls just wanna have fun! But NO DUH is not "just a girl". It's a rock, ska, punk, new wave band honoring the one & only NO DOUBT & GWEN STEFANI. But, don't throw out the band with the "bathwater", 'cause these guys can rock. Music fans of Sublime, Blink 182, Green Day, The Chili Peppers, Save Ferris, Bow Wow Wow, Oingo Boingo, The Bad Brains, Bob Marley and of course NO DOUBT are welcome to rock out with SPEN GJORMANI & the boys in NO DUH. Hell, some of duh guys are even from Anaheim & Orange County.
So, don't let me down, you're not "trapped in a box". Come on down and see our platinum blonde "rock steady" up close. It's all about havin' some fun with a live band playing your favorite songs. It's "HELLA GOOD"!!!
Venue Information:
Diego's Rock N Roll Bar & Eats
220 E 3rd Street
Santa Ana, CA, 92701